Welcome to the Hotel «Arxontiko Krana» located in Aspraggeloi, Zagoria villages. The passion for warm hospitality of our visitors and love for our place and local traditions, has led to the creation of the «Arxontiko Krana».

A traditional building crafted with stone, wood and affection located over a place that an old mansion existed before and burned by the Germans during the Second World War. From the old mansion, the traditional wooden door, dating back to 1864, is still preserved.

A real architectural gem, harmonized in traditional architecture and natural environment, decorated with warm colors and elegant fabrics, aiming to make the visitors not only to feel like home, but to relax, calm and put their feet up.

Our guests become our friends and the aim is to feel the «Arxontiko Krana» their village home. Open and inviting all year, to enjoy your excursions in Zagoria, but also in the wider region of Epirus. It is located 28 km from Ioannina and 10-15 km from most of the other villages and attractions, making an ideal base for all your excursions.

Sleeping in the fresh air, the excellent food and the outdoor activities you can do will rejuvenate and relax you. Besides the quiet village, the level of good sleep is enhanced by the low moisture level that contributes to the overall well-being and sense of completeness of sleep.

ARHONTIKO KRANA, Aspraggeloi, Zagori, Tel: 2653022225 - 6937363071 - 6937363005, E-mail: info@arxontiko-krana.gr

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